Fun, fun and more fun! And plenty of fresh air.

Fishing is one of the oldest professions. It’s been around from the beginning of men. The land of thousands of lakes and rivers boasts some of the best sweet water fishing in the world.

JP-Kalamatkat is very close to Kuopio. The Headquarters is located by the fish-filled lake “Sotkanselkä”, on Finlands’ biggest island “Soisalo”, in the municipality of Vehmersalmi. The services include a variety of fishing trips for 5 – 20 people.

 Come and have a trip to remember with your family, friends or clients. In the summer we fish with standard nets, seine nets, fyke nets, do angling, spin casting, trolling, night spear fishing as well as fly and lure fishing on rapids.


In the winter we fish with nets seine nets, fyke nets, pots and do ice fishing.

 You also learn how to handle fish and cook fish in different ways. We can prepare meals for you or prepare the catch of the day together. In the evening it’s time for sauna and refreshments. A blazing fire creates a relaxed atmosphere for socializing and sharing experiences. Who has the tallest tale of them all!?